Vector Geometric Mask & Shapes Vol3
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Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer

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4961(w) × 4961(h) px


16.5" × 16.5" @ 300 DPI


Documentation IncludedVectorTileable

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64.32 MB

June 23, 2019 0 Comments

Vector Geometric Mask & Shapes Vol3




Let us take our pleasure to introducing you our products " Vector Geometric Masks & Shapes (Ai &Ps)".

Do you ever feed up with your plain T-shirt or clothes which look like what people usually wear? Must have you been sick of the old templates and PowerPoint backgrounds for your presentation? Do you think that your designs & prints are a lack of creativity?

If you are having one of these questions in your minds, we will help you to have the right answer. Our latest product, as above mentioned, " Vector Masks & Shapes" will be a chance to change your situation, bring the trendy things coming.

This set offers you a collection of geometry shapes and very classical patterns, suitable for all kinds of projects, designs.

Firstly, when it comes to geometric shapes and vector masks, we will automatically think about the tediousness and tradition.Of course, no one wants too much traditional and outdated things, we want to experience the brand new ones. However, do you ever think these normal geometries having an extraordinary advantage? Or else, if you think that shapes, lines, and curves are only seen in your Mathematic class, you are wrong. You will also be impressed on how these shapes can actually turn out into a design masterpiece that can add charm and sophistication to your work.

“Basic plus basic equals to wonder.”

So, welcome you to our collection, it will give you a variety of ideas to play with when you are working. From some basic elements such as a circle, hexagon, rectangle,…we design many segments you can choose to create a powerful optical illusion. This set has many styles and geometry shapes you want to be more innovative and creative in your work. Especially, in each geometric border, we do not use any complex features to make it outstanding. In contrary, we have a good combination of lines, curves in a minimal black and white pattern. You can use these masks and shapes as a background in any size, filler, or anything that you can think of.

The second product in our set is 4 classical pattern overlays. Basic is still our top priority. Using straight lines, small circles and squares as the main feature which makes up for a perfect pattern. No matter how simple this pattern looks, it will surely give your design a greater look.

" Simplicity brings many advantages"

Having many different sacred geometric shapes and pattern, this collection is the best choice for you. It will give you the feeling of classic and vintage. They are all vector formats, so you can make them fit nicely in many creative works, illustrations, and webs or blog designs. More than that, you can make them into postcards, invitation cards, T-shirts, collages and many other creative activities.

Go ahead and make your work more vivid, more interesting.

Features An Adobe Illustrator document An Adobe Photoshop document 4,961 x 4,961px Illustrator 10.0 EPS files fully editable and scaleable vectors

  • 8 individual trapezium designs
  • 8 individual star designs
  • 8 individual octagon designs
  • 8 individual pentagon designs
  • 4 grid overlay effects

Transparent PNG files

  • 8 individual trapezium designs
  • 8 individual star designs
  • 8 individual octagon designs
  • 8 individual pentagon designs

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